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Over 80 years ago, an old sailing ship struck the reefs off a group of volcanic islands; all the crew survived

This site is dedicated to my research into the adventure & the experiences of her last crew 

 The Garthpool was a four masted square rigged barque, aka a 'Windjammer,' the last commercial deep water sailing vessel to fly the British Flag

       It was wrecked on November the 11th 1929, off Ponta Reef, BoaVista,  Cape Verde Islands

              Amongst the ship wrecked crew was my great grandfather,             Christopher Bedford Steel, a passenger onboard for the experience of the voyage


From Left to Right; CB Steel, Stan Hugill, unknown crewman 

I have been researching this story for several years

Over the last year, I have started work on a first draft of a book; I have contacted many relatives of the crew and made various contacts connected to the the story

     Here, I hope to bring together my various contacts, enthusiasts, or even just passers by, to share ideas, comments or to offer help towards my project

                             Welcome to the Garthpool Project                            

 I hope you enjoy exploring, contributing and more!

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Jessica Stella Fox

Created by J S Fox, July 2010