The GARTHPOOL Project adventure, a story from the last days of sail and a romantic glimpse at another time...

Welcome to The Garthpool Project!
                                                Photo: Garthpool figurehead (from the collection of Leith Graham
       Explore the all but lost era of sailing ships & the characters who sailed aboard them!

    A home for; information, news and updates on my research into a ship wreck; a community of people I have met, who've helped me on this fascinating journey; an Art & Photography gallery & much more!
    Join the Forums; you can discuss sailing, various connected subjects (e.g. myths, legends, shanties); recommend/promote events, exhibitions, Films, TV shows & music! I'm also open to contributions to an Art & Poetry corner.
    Welcome aboard! I'm developing & growing this site bit by bit; any feedback is most appreciated, thank you,
                                     Jessica Stella Fox, March 2011